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Not understanding the world around you is not right. Life is not mystic, everything can be explained with scientific reasoning. Though there are many problems such as aging where we do not know what is actually driving this process, besides the fact that it continuously destroys lives. Your live, the live of your friends and relatives, of those that you love and the live of all the future generations. This does not need to be, as aging is just a genetic trait such as hair or eye color which can be solved if understood. Importantly such problems can be solved within our lifetime if enough scientific effort is put into it. We need to try it even it is only for the future generations.

Unfortunately, our current systems does not enable such endeavour. Millions of millions of fond are put into military and other unimportant and destructive agencies. Only a very tiny amount is put into research on solving medical problems of which the efforts on understanding the basic aging only receives a minor fraction of this small fond, although aging is the common driver of a multitude of diseases and disabilities.

People life their lives and die, get taught wrong dogmas, ridiculous traditions and set wrong aims. They get engaged in unimportant hobbies and make such hobbies to life commitments. They fall into a matrix, which suggest them they have to live like that and to die. Most of them do not know it better because they never got the change to start understanding how nature works.

Denigma is changing this. Scientific eduction should not be restricted to a minority of the earth population, but be available to almost everyone how is willing. With the raise of the internet as a common communication platform this Utopia is becoming feasible. Denigma recruits individuals, in an attempt to build an army of scientists, tries to open their mind to understand nature and especially biology and encourages to become engaged in solve pressing problems such aging.

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