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Help us to build Denigma Computation Cloud by Donating!

We are going to setup own cloud for different purposes:

  1. Move all ILA sites and other online resource to cloud for providing better hosting and user experience
  2. Move Denigma site to cloud. Denigma ca not work well on Amazon WS free tier.
  3. Setup Denigma Applications
  4. Run Hadoop cluster to solve Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing tasks. We want to perform large scale analysis of genomic data and scientific papers.

We want to rent cheap server(s) at Hetzner. Currently we need about 60 Euros per months. By donating some money you can really help Denigma Team and ILA!

energy-saving-pc-software-the-earth-times-16-Mar-2012.jpg HP_blade_enclosure_c7000_rack_mountable_small.png

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