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The Dashboard is there to give a quick overview of current main activities on Denigma. ¶

* Dengima Articles


1. 3D Structures for Lifespan Factors (accomplished) ¶
1. Add unique identifier for small components ¶
2. Include structures for small molecule
3. Enable multiple structure
s for a factor if available ¶
4. Set up auto-update functions to keep structure
s up-to-date. ¶
2. Mailing List
3. Showing recent Database updates on Home site ¶
4. Collaboration features: Longevity Chats, Tasks, Quests, Videos. ¶
5. Genes app. Genes Interactions Visualizations and Search. ¶
6. Lifespan App redesign and Tutorial about how to use it ¶
7. Discovery Discussion and immediate formal Integration *
8. Page viewing statistics (Google statistics, aggregation) ¶

* If there are new discoveries they somehow need to be quickly discussed and the basic message behind the discovery needs somehow to be formalized in a formal way. For instance new Lifespan Factors. ¶

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