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Created on Oct. 13, 2012, 2:39 p.m. by Hevok & updated on Oct. 14, 2012, 9:01 p.m. by Hevok

Content is information. Denigma's content is mainly driven by the fundamental Data Unit which is the Data Entry and its associated derivatives the Blog Post and Wiki Pages. Therefore, the data unit comes in three different flavours each one of them with own characteristics an its own specific purpose.

The Data/Entry shall be the most important data unit. The Blog Post will be a lightweight version of a data unit. While a data entry title has to be unique the blog posts allow to have multiple units with the same title. The Wiki/Pages will be kept and be editable even for unregistered users and be fully in the style of a traditional Wiki, but with many enhancements. The data app will control the information flow (management and access). Retrieving a data unit will first query the data entries, then the blog posts and finally the wiki pages.

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