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    Design creative media reflecting your imagination. Its about making the world around us a nicer place and creating beautiful content. Denigma representation relies on innovative work of art. Media can be placed everywhere in Denigma sites. Denigma encourages the creation of wonderful artwork at the interception of nature science and computational development.

    Weaving the visual Arts into a science can both help develop scientific imagination and engange non-scientists.

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    is part of

    Objects can be constructed by combining them with each other (e.g. mitochondria is part of the cytoplasm and an organelle membrane is part of the organelle). The part of entry can be inherited (e.g. cytoplasm is part of the cell, therefore mitochondria are also part of the cell).

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    In Denigma there are three aspects carried out by their respective professions:

    1. Research / Scientist
    2. Programming / Developer
    3. Design / Artist

    You can choose from either one of them and become a specialist or combine them as it suits you.

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