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    The biology of aging repository is a Scientist-friendly repository of documents and works specific to lifespan extension/biology of Aging.

    Since the Aging process affects all aspects of life, computational analyses require integration of a maximum amount of variety of reliable and accurate biological data and knowledge (Integrator).

    Data deposition shall be encouraged and even made mandatory for publication. Such data includes chiefly Lifespan tables, gene Expressions, molecular Signatures and other relevant Datasets.

    The Biology of aging repository is based on the Human Ageing Genomics Resources (HAGR).

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    The Integrator is the implementation of Denigma's integration protocol. Biological information is distributed among numerous databases, hidden in the literature and web as well as in the minds of scientists. The integrator executes a universal unification schema. Integration can be executed in two fashions. One is implicit, the other is explicit, i.e. mapping discrete biological entities to class-based programming objects. In such data is put together into a conceptional logic which is much more then the sum of its components.

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