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The Denigma Blog is a multifunctional app. It serves to diverse purposes. Its basic unit is a post which structure follows TTT (Ttile, Text and Tags). It contains also additional information such as created and updated dates and a Boolean for published or not.

Many to many relationships to urls of images can be made.

The tags should be used to assign terms to the article which are representative for the category this post belongs to and preferential not mentioned neither in the title nor in the text, although this latter preference is only a suggestion to avoid redundancy, not a requirement.

Denigma's Blog is by design intended to support multiple markup language. Currently Markdown is primarily used as main markup language, but ReStructuredText can also be supported such as it is done in the Articles app. HTML shall not be used inside Denigma's Blog, although it will work. The reason for this is that HTML should better be placed inside templates where it belongs to in order to structure the view.

Tags: blogging

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