Scientific name: Cebus capucinus
Taxonomy ID: 9516
Common name: Capuchin
Short name:
Alternative names: White-Faced Sapajou, White-Throated Capuch, White-Faced Sapajou
Number of genes: None

    Cebus capucinus is a small-sized (4-8 kg for adults) New World money that diverged from the lineage leading to humans about 35-40 million years ago. Among the primates, only humans, apes, and Cebus Capuchinus are known to live over 50 years [10462163]. The convergence of Cebus and humans in extreme longevity, as well as in other traits such as a large brain, makes Cebus and ideal organism to identify mechanisms and genes that contribute to these convergent traits.

    Cebus can live up to 54 years and is, after humans and apes, the best example of a long-lived primate lineage [17595413], and a clear outlier in terms of longevity with a much longer lifepsan than expected for its body size. In addition to extreme longeivty, a convergence of Cebus and Homo in other traits, such as a relatively large brain, has been observed [17595413].


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